Kings Point to Point Transit has been growing immensely over the past few years and has interesting plans for the future. Originally named “Kings Para Transit”, Kings Point to Point changed the name to show Kings County that not only persons with disabilities are serviced, but all residents of Kings County. KPPT has seen growth in ridership and vehicles on the road. Despite minimal marketing budgets, and limited personnel, Kings Point to Point has managed to increase ridership through simple advertising and word of mouth. The tales of the driver’s supreme care and attention spread throughout Kings County and more residents begin to use this service. It also helps that their electric blue vans are basically giant, moving billboards!

Interim General Manager of Kings Transit Authority, Brian Taylor, says, “In general, people are increasingly choosing public transit whether it’s for economic, environmental or convenience reasons to meet their travel needs.”

“As the population ages and the public becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of public transit, along with the commitment by local governments to invest in public transit, I can only see these services [Kings Transit Authority and Kings Point to Point] growing over the next number of years.”

Kings Point to Point Transit and Kings Transit Authority intend to begin coordination in their parallel services to better serve the community. Coordination of routes, stops, and times are vital for making transportation faster, more convenient, and more economical for Kings County residents. For instance: If a resident were interested in travelling from Woodville to Wolfville, it would be most economical for them to have KPPT take them to Kentville where they then can take Kings Transit from Kentville to Wolfville for $3.50, and in the near future we intend to have more of this coordination in our operations.

– Sam Postlethwaite