Kings Point-to- Point Transit (KPPT) is a charitable organization that provides a door-to- door accessible public transportation service for all residents of Kings County, east of Aylesford. The organization was established in 1998 as a part of the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP) of Nova Scotia. We have a fleet of 8 vehicles including an 18- passenger minibus. KPPT offers their vehicles for all transportation purposes including trips to hospital/medical appointments, to & from work/school and for everyday shopping/personal needs. Day trips are also offered to any destination within Nova Scotia for all groups, especially seniors’ homes, camps, schools, and all others at very affordable rates.

Core Values & Guiding Principles


We go above and beyond to help our customers and each other by cooperating, being flexible and providing excellent customer service.


We are courteous, positive and optimistic so our customers, volunteers, staff and partners always have great experiences.


We believe everyone is deserving of respect, we treat one another as unique individuals, value each other’s opinions, experiences and differences.


We fulfill our roles and responsibilities to the best of our ability and we follow through on our commitments with timely, high standards of service.


We are committed to providing accessible and available services to our customers in the communities where they live.


Our Vision

A healthier, more socially connected community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable and accessible transportation service to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Our Purpose

Kings Point to Point exists to address our communities’ need for an affordable and accessible transportation service for all residents.


Important Facts About KPPT

Our Fleet

The fleet consists of eight vehicles, all of which are accessible, including seven minivans and one 18-passenger minibus.

Our Drivers

We employ seven drivers as well as four volunteer drivers who work hard to ensure KPPT will meet all trip appointments requested daily throughout the whole year.


All of KPPT’s vehicles are inspected semi-annually in accordance with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, and it is a very stringent inspection. Each driver does a pre-trip inspection daily, before his or her first trip.


All of our drivers are required to have a Class 4 driver’s license, the St John Ambulance First Aid/CPR certificate, clean driver’s abstract and have successfully completed a Criminal Record and Child Abuse Register search. They have also completed sensitivity training.


Why Donate?

Kings Point to Point Transit Society is a non-profit charitable organization that depends on grants and donations to maintain our low drive rates.

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